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Supporting Stephan Fourie 


Meet Stephan Fourie. He is currently 7 years old and was diagnosed with neuroplastomia when he was 6 years old.

On October 26th 2017, he collapsed at school and his mother, Lydia took him to their paediatrician in Port Elizabeth and after numerous tests, he was diagnosed with a spastic colon and he was on medication for 10 days. Stephan however went from bad to worse very quickly. After returning to the paediatrician they still couldn't find anything and spastic colon was the only diagnosis that fitted. That following Saturday Stephan was watching tv and his eyes started pulling towards each other. His dad thought he was trying to be funny, but Stephan said he couldn't help it. 


The following morning at 5am Stephan started screaming from the tv room and said he couldn't see. His dad went to put him in bed with his mother because he had to leave for work, but not even an hour later, Lydia started getting dressed to get him to the hospital, as his behaviour changed and she could see he is not himself. When they arrived at the hospital, he was in a semi coma and soon started bringing up blood. The doctor immediately sent Lydia home to pack and be back in an hour. When they got back, they were rushed to Port Elizabeth to the trauma centre. 

Upon arrival they came to the conclusion that he might have had a seizure, as his temperatures were that high. After doing a biopsy two days later, they diagnosed him with 3rd degree neurosplastomia. That explained why he lost 12kg in 10 days.

Stephan was hospitalised on 19 November 2017 until 8 December 2017. He started his first chemo session on 19 November 2017. 


After completing 13 sessions of chemo, Stephan was flown to Cape Town in May 2018 for his another 3 chemo sessions and they removed his port and replaced it with a broviac. They also implanted a line to draw stem cells, as he doesn't have a matching sibling to do a donation of stem cells. The doctors did the stem cell removal and within 4 hours he had enough to do the transplant. This was an act of God, as doctors very seldom see this happening. 


Stephan and his family were able to go back home to Somerset on 29 June 2018. He started with radiation on 30 July 2018, which consisted of 13 sessions in 3 weeks. 17 August 2018 will be the last day for radiation, but Stephan now has to start with another year of chemo on 3 August 2018 to ensure that there will be no setbacks. This chemo will be done through pills that can be taken from home, but travelling will still be needed from time to time to do blood tests, etc in PE.


During this whole process, Lydia had to leave her job to take care of Stephan 24/7. She started making bracelets and selling them as a fundraiser to help with the piling medical bills. I met her in a beads shop in Cape Town during their stay here and after only hearing a little piece of their story, the need to help fellow believers kicked in and we decided to help spread awareness. We also decided that we will be donating 15% of all sales on our side until 30 September 2018. You can contact Lydia on 071 451 7028 to order some of her beautiful bracelets. The bracelets are R30 each, with the children bracelets being R15. Lets support local and support a good cause! 


Lets lift up the Fourie family in this season of their life and praise God for what He has done and for the lives that He has touched through their story!


God bless