My name is Tiema-Annice, but people call me Tiema for short. Im actually Afrikaans speaking, but living in Cape Town slowly turned me into an english speaking lady. I still give myself away with my beautiful afrikaans accent though!


God blessed me with a beautiful little family and my daytime job consists of spending time with my kiddies at home. I have been married to my amazing hubby since April 2014 and we started our family soon after that. Though it gets crazy sometimes; we wouldn't change a thing!


I have always had a passion to create things and God planted this business idea on my heart in September 2017. My biggest drive behind this is to use these beautiful little creations to spread God's word and to use it as an evangelism tool. Even better so, to help us personally to meditate on His word and carry it as a reminder for ourselves.


Since embarking on this journey, God has already stretched me to step out and do things I never thought I would be able to do. He has stretched my endurance and faith levels and I am truly looking forward to see what He is going to do in the future. Not just for me, but for each one of you reading this. God has such a special plan for each of us and my prayer is that He will guide you into the more that He has for you.


Thank you for your support in this little venture and keep on shining Jesus!